Tuesday, November 16, 2021


So it took what, 863 reviews to get to Ghostbusters? How...I reviewed The Legend Of Boggy Creek and 50 Shades Of go f*** yourself before I got to Ghostbusters. What is this show??

How the shit do I even talk about Ghostbusters? Everybody loves it, go see it. End of story. Do I talk about the film and it's own merits or discuss the crazy legacy this movie has garnered over almost 40 years? I don't know. I don't know. I obviously love it and have probably only gained more appreciation and respect for it as time has gone on. I didn't even see Ghostbusters until I was in my teens, I got both movies on DVD for my birthday and I remember liking it just fine. And believe it or not a good dose of my reviewers, the people who inspired me to do what I do are pretty heavy into the busting of the ghosts, Cinemassacre, Angry Joe, VoteSaxon07, and it was through their videos that I got a glimpse of just how beloved this movie is. For a simple and kinda honestly B-movie plot of college teachers turn independent spirit eliminators, I can pin down why it is so succesful in two strokes, the writing and the character dynamics. I genuinely, even with seeing Animal House and Caddyshack, can firmly say this was Harold Ramis' best script because he worked in such tight tandem with the director Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd, so you get a good story with intrigue, funny dialogue, easily understandable but great characters, and nothing feels wasted or unnecessary. I'll give you a friggin' buck right now if you can guess my favorite character, and it's not who you think it is considering my history with this show. This is easily one of the most quotable movies ever, like to me it is right up there with Star Wars, The Big Lebowski, and American Movie there is so much memorable dialogue that I could rattle off for considerable time. So story is great, cast is excellent across the board, the effects while not super flashy still hold up quite well, the comedy is impeccable, you're not hearing anything new here, you know what this movie is. So what can I offer in terms of original thoughts and perspectives? I truthfully think the best scene in the movie in terms of understated weight and effect is when Ray and Winston discuss the bible and judgement day, like that is some highly effective moody, under your skin, goosebumps raising stuff that is there but not in your face which is why it works so well. It has that gravitas, the only thing I can properly compare it to is when John Rhys-Davies talls about the Ark Of The Covenant in Raiders Of The Lost Ark, it's done that well. Second, f*** you assholes that gave William Atherton shit for playing Walter Peck, yeah he's great at playing one pompous cock but I couldn't say mean things to him just because of a role he played and expertly so. Buncha jackasses. Will however note I am not that big a fan of Ray Parker Jr.'s hit single, now the music in this movie is class but in terms of a lyrical song Savin' The Day gets me all kinds of pumped up, and jammin', and I love it to death. And Casey Kasem is in it, 10/10! I'll give it for real for real, 4 stars, 8.5/10, and it's sequel time tomorrow and I got some things to say so catch you next time.

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