Monday, September 6, 2021


A bit unprecedented for this show to talk horror outside of October but the rest of this month will be busy with new movies so I figured why not.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from Warlock, I knew Julian Sands and Richard E. Grant were in it and the most bare bones plot synopsis, yet I can say I'm happy I saw it. I don't think it's an undiscovered cult hit of the horror genre or anything but it is good in that simplistic 80s plot kind of way. So the story follows basically a witch hunter and a warlock are transported by magic from the 1600s to the 1980s where they do battle and the warlock seeks a powerful spellbook, there's a bit more to it but that is the pure premise of it. Already I have to give the film a gold sticky star cause they didn't Beastmaster 2 it. I am so f***ing happy they did not Beastmaster 2 this, and do this tired bullshit avenue of trivial writing of a fish out of water, modern setting confusion, utter drivel and kept it to a almost non-existant quota. They don't oggle the technology with bewilderment, there's no shite jabs at humor, they take it quite seriously but can still have funny moments. Gotdammit do I love Richard E. Grant, he genuinely has only just gotten on my radar a bit before Rise Of Skywalker came out and I really liked him in that, and I've been checking out more of his stuff. He brings his theater background effortlessly in this, speaking in old english and the stoicism and seriousness he brings to the role is commendable but can still work with big moments. Julian Sands I feel is more an actor I have heard about a lot more than I've seen of him, but he does good work in this and has fun being an absolute bastard, so that's great. I will fully admit Lori Singer's modern day character didn't hold much hope for me, I thought she was going to be too much but she might be the best part of the movie. Her delivery, her timing, she's really funny at times and is fun to watch as she deals with this madness that just keeps coming to her house, and on this trek with not Giles from Buffy. I also really appreciated all the location shoots. Ah, back in a time where you either had to build a set or shoot the damn thing in a real place. You get a healthy dose of California, but you also see Boston, more rural areas, Christ we even return to some salt flats. Weird how life works with coincidences. I can see if there's a small cult following for it, it's a decent film, and if you're any kind of fan of 80s fantasy that doesn't have the greatest budget you can have a good time. 3 stars, 7/10, I'm checking out another first entry to a horror series and one I have never seen on top of that so that should be interesting. Mata ne Mina san!

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