Wednesday, September 8, 2021

House Of Wax (1953)

Time for a more classic horror movie.

Though House Of Wax is certainly recognized today, it doesn't reach that classic of the horror genre quota. Yet I really had a good time with it! Vincent Price plays a wax sculptor who is terribly infatuated with his work, and after a massive fire set by his business partner is scarred and wanting to open a new house of horror's with all too real models for his work. It immediately hooks you with the wax museum going up in a blaze, and seems more appropriate for the climax of the film but the fight and the shots of the figures delightfully melting in a slightly horrific decomposing fashion is excellent. The story then follows a young lady who is about to be the next victim as she tries to prove the grim reality of the museum, and I'm quite curious to view the 1935 version Mystery Of The Wax Museum to see if it follows suit. Vincent Price is a dream as always, I truly cannot ever express in human words how much I adore thee dear Vincent, he has such a quirky charm as he presents his work and I simply cherish his voice. Phyllis Kirk is the true protagonist, playing the part with conviction and intelligence as Sue and I won't lie she's a great screamer too. Keep an eye out also for not only Charles Bronson in his first film role but also Carolyn Jones who still to this day is my favorite Morticia. I think it's slightly obvious that this movie was made during the 3-D craze of the early 1950s, and while it is not obnoxiously overused in say Friday The 13th Part 3 it is still quite funny watching a brief vignette of a paddle ball performer for no other reason than because they could shoot it. One point I must strongly speak on before I give my rating is I have absolutely no idea who on this planet they got to make the wax figures, but sweet God did they do a little too good of a job. Now I will go on the record and say I have no fear of dolls, mannequins, or any kind of figures, but it is scary how uncanny these wax figurines look. I mean...they look alive they are so realistic. I genuinely cannot stress enough the expert craftsmanship in this movie. A very good film with some outstanding qualities in it, 3 stars, 7.5/10, new movie coming up to whet my appetite for October to get here that much quicker.

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