Friday, September 17, 2021

Cry Macho

Man this was a perfect end cap for this week.

Cry Macho I will firmly say is not a masterpiece but it was much better than I expected. It's a very mellow role for Clint as a broken down horse wrangler named Mike sent to Mexico to bring his boss' son over to the States. And believe it or not, for a film with that simple of a premise there is a lot to unpack and read into. Quite a bit happens in this movie, both positive and negative that affects our duo in their journey. I might say this is my favorite Clint Eastwood role, like if Gran Torino wasn't as amazing as it is this film would have no competition. I genuinely feel like this is what the real Clint is like, oh sure he has his gruff and crotchety moments, but you get a lot of humor, love, and wisdom out of him in this and it's nigh impossible to say one bad thing about him. I know some people might give Eduardo Minett a rough time, but he's playing a teenager, teenagers are a lot of talk, very sure of themselves and yet driftless in making decisions and have a lot of reservations about themselves. He plays that perfectly! He's still a kid and gets checked by Mike as they grow this bond. They make their trek, learn about each other, Mike teaches him how to ride horses, Rafo gets him to appreciate his rooster Macho, hell they even find love interests. They kinda make a semi-new life for themselves in this town and you know exactly what this is like. Whether you went on a vacation, or changed schools, or met these really lovely people who you know you probably won't meet again, and it's so bittersweet. And now comes the part where I shamelessly admire Natalia Traven, who not only is a gorgeous woman who I would blush profusely in her presence, but easily has one of the best romances I have seen in movies in a long time. The chemistry between Marta and Mike is f***ing lovely. Like stole my heart and ran to the bank with it! It was so gosh darn gee willikers sweet, I was all there for it. And this has one of the nicest endings to a Clint Eastwood film period. So yeah call me a fan, because I loved this film. 4 stars, 8/10, by all means give it a watch cause it is fully worth your time.

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