Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Saint

This was such an interesting film to watch and I really liked it.

I wasn't entirely sure in the slightest what to expect from The Saint, I never heard of it, I never watched it, never heard anybody talk about it, and I got curious. Why the shit is no one talking about a crime thriller with Val Kilmer as a master of disguises set in post cold war Russia? If someone told me there was a movie with that plot, I would go see it. The movie gave me very strong Brosnan era Bond vibes, set in Russia after the Cold War, you get some gadgets, you got a love interest, it just really had that vibe of those movies. And the movie came out in 1997, the same year Tomorrow Never Dies came out so there's some connections there. And yeah, there is some more noticeable 90s filmmaking moments but it's a solid film with good direction. Hell this film alone proves how versatile and great an actor Val is, cause he pulls off so many looks, so many accents, he really does knock it out of the park. Elisabeth Shue is a good romantic lead, bit love struck hardcore, like constantly snogging Val Kilmer but hey it's Val Kilmer I can understand that. He had about 6 shirtless scenes, it's a grand time. The plot isn't flawless, there are things that are just sort of there, like at one point our heroes are evading henchman and wind up underground, and there's just this lady woman down there who assists them and sells....paintings?? I have no idea what that was about, feels like a deleted scene connected it better. It's much more a thriller than an action flick, there's no shoot outs so some people might call it dull but it has a different feel to it, it's not meant to be balls to the wall action. Half the movie is a romance for God's sake, so yeah it probably won't turn a lot of heads but I really wouldn't be surprised if there's a small cult following to it. 3 stars, 7/10, see you tomorrow when the music's over.

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