Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Thor: The Dark World

First instance of the term Infinity Stone? I believe so.

Yeah I actually didn't mind the second Thor movie, in fact I liked it better than the first. So 2 years have passed since we last saw Jane and Thor cross paths, but unfortunately under dire circumstances. An ancient race known as Dark Elves have reawakened seeking to shroud the universe itself in eternal darkness, with Earth being the focus point to unleash a powerful weapon. I think what places this above others in the hierarchy is the fact that the stakes are upped, several events take place that pushes Thor and even Loki to their limits in an impossible situation. Asgard is invaded, people die, the universe is at stake, and the bond between brothers is pushed to a breaking point. I love, love, love the dynamic between Thor and Loki mainly because it's a story of redemption, Thor truly loves his brother and wants nothing more than to trust him while Loki still surrounds himself in chaos and deceit, and the conversations and scenes they have are some of the best in all these movies. I'll even dare say Tom Hiddleston has been the best part of the Marvel movies so far, period. Just look at the scene when he's in his cell after the attack, not a word is spoken, not a tear is shed but my God do you feel that. We get to see more of Asgard and the other realms, which is always super nice to delve deeper into what these places are like. Fffffricking Christopher Eccleston is the villain, and what a heel turn to see the man who tried everything in his power to save the universe in one role to trying everything to destroy the universe in another, and he brings that same energy, that you do not want to get on this guys bad side persona, and while it breaks my heart we couldn't have him in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary because he was filming this, I could never hold ill will towards this man. It's kind of fun to see Natalie Portman and friends again, along with our kick ass rag tag team of Asgardians (Sif you are my moon and stars in these Thor movies.). We need more Idris Elba though, that guy is amazing and I love his sentinel persona and honorable character. The movie threw me for a loop or two I can tell you that, which helped push my engaged watching to a 10, some were kind of telegraphed but others I just was not expecting at all. I liked the villain for a change, and not just because of Christopher Eccleston's performance, but the designs of these elves and their weird Court Of Owls masks, it kind of gave me Tolkien vibes with these creatures being the first force in the universe before there was even light, actually yeah it is a sort of perverse, mirror universe equivalent of Tolkien's Silmarillion, in a way. So far this is top 5 for me, 3 stars, 7/10, good movie! And the sequels keep on coming as we join Cap tomorrow in The Winter Soldier.

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