Sunday, September 20, 2020

Ant-Man & The Wasp

Alright movie, you got me.

I was severely confused why exactly this movie came after Infinity War, for like 99% of the movie I was thinking how better it would have worked if it came before or after Black Panther but nope they tie it in. And to be perfectly honest, I did like this movie better than the first Ant-Man. So Scott has been placed on house arrest after aiding Captain America in Civil War but quickly slides back into things as he helps Hank and Hope try to bring back the most important woman in the world to them, while a new enemy known as the Ghost is hell bent on stealing Hank's work to benefit her own needs. I honestly thought Hope was going to be Ghost, she goes subatomic trying to find her mom, her mind snaps like a Kit-Kat, and she just goes on a rampage able to phase through walls, but they didn't and while it might have made for a more interesting story I actually didn't mind. There's no real villain, even the people set up as villains are just normal people who want things done their way. Except for Walton Goggins, he's pretty much always a villain and I really wanted more of him in this movie, ever since seeing him in Justified and Vice Principals it's almost harboring on a man crush for this guy, he's just awesome. I feel this actually is a case where the sequel is superior to the first movie, every element has been improved. The effects are better and they get to do more fun stuff with shrinking and growing, I mean I was kinda joking about the Honey I Shrunk series but it really does seem like those movies. Though yeah....the physics and dynamics of the suit size is still off, I'm pretty sure if I stood 20 feet away from an 80 foot tall giant who started to speak I'd go deaf. Granted not all of it is bad and is physically sound but there's other things where you just scratch your head and go, how? I know, I know, it's comic books, are we really bringing logic into it? Well the correct answer is yes, because while slightly sci-fi it can still be possible to achieve this, and it has to make sense in our world. But the comedy while mostly still not getting much from me was toned back and did get a good laugh out of me from time to time, I even liked Michael Pena a lot in this movie. I don't know, the story and character motivations really hit me harder than in the first movie. When Hank sees his wife in 30 years, I fully 120% believed his reaction, he doesn't even speak a word he just emotionally breaks down, that's a f***ing good scene, boy howdy let me tell ya. I felt a stronger connection between Scott and his daughter even though that was one aspect of the first that was still quite good, every action Scott does is because of his daughter and it's a driving force an awful lot of people can identify with. I quite liked this movie, nothing great but still good, has some hokey science in it, has some decent characters, all in all it's a fun little movie and I can see people really digging it so knock yourself out.  2.5 stars, 6.5/10, Brie Larson, let's dance.

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