Saturday, September 12, 2020


Yet another average entry of the series that's apparently the best thing since sliced bread.

I know, I'm breaking your balls Marvel fans, but I honestly thought Ant-Man was kinda good. It had some things in it I wasn't gaga for but the overall premise was interesting. Essentially Honey I Shrunk The Kids with a superhero movie, and if you like those movies then you'll probably like Ant-Man. We follow Paul Rudd after he took some acting classes since Halloween 6, as a criminal who just got out of prison but takes up another hit to support his daughter, but unexpectedly finds a suit that can shrink him down to insect size and is quickly recruited by the creator of the suit played by Michael Douglas. Apparently his company is under the control of a total asshole who plans on mass producing the shrink suit and selling it to our favorite cell of natzi's Hydra, forcing our hero to learn the skills of the suit to help save the world. Huzzah. I must admit I wasn't expecting Scott to be a criminal, I thought the story would go more on him being the son of Hank Pym and inheriting the Ant-Man suit, but screw it I liked it regardless. Paul Rudd has good energy and really works as your everyday person stumbling into this fantastical situation. Michael Douglas is a good mentor, and he genuinely made me laugh a bit. Didn't trust Evangeline Lily's character in this movie though, she seemed way too angry and cunniving to be an ally for however many more of these movies Disney is going to push out. At least the villain was different, mainly a greedy dickhead instead of our usual world destroying B-listers, but still just as weak and flimsy as tracing paper. The effects were pretty good though, again much like the Shrunk series but done on a more large scale (no pun intended of course) so I was fairly impressed with how they did it all. It was certainly the lightest movie entry so far, a lot of emphasis on comedy and not a lot of drama, just a fun adventure with a unique hero. For some weird reason I thought Hank Pym was a DC name, obviously thinking of The Atom but that was Ray Palmer so I had to keep smacking myself upside the head and reminding myself of the characters, but can you really blame me? To my knowledge they are the only two heroes in comics who use technology to shrink themselves to the subatomic level, which was actually pretty trippy and awesome in this movie. Still not as trippy as that Doctor Strange scene though! And guys I'm sorry but Michael Pena did nada for me, he got old on me fast and it somehow even furthered my opinion on people wanting him to essentially make a video recapping the whole MCU to which I replied with, how And now I can safely say I have never disagreed more with a hypothetical scenario in my entire life. Don't hate his stand up though, but he, yeah, no. 2.5 stars, 6/10, Civil War coming up next and I think the fatigue is slowly starting to set in. How do you people marathon this stuff?

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