Monday, April 27, 2020

The Mask

Not a bad start at all with being back.

I remember a time when I worshipped The Mask, like one of my favorite movies ever, could quote and recreate the scenes every day, loved Jim Carrey in it, the whole nine yards. So how does it hold up after not watching it for more than a decade? Not half bad to be honest, granted it's by no means a great movie but it certainly isn't bad either. It certainly has one of the most relatable characters in my eyes with Stanley Ipkiss who is a super nice and very funny guy who happens upon a mask (apparently worn by Loki but I don't think Tom Hiddleston could pull it off) that can transform him into an exaggerated, manic, love starved alter ego as he meets a performer at a nightclub played by Cameron Diaz as hijinks and comedy ensue. There's quite a bit to like and even appreciate with this movie, usually people would say oh The Mask is just another 90s movie that constantly uses CGI when it's not necessary and it dates the film, which is far from the truth, yes there is CG and very cartoon-y CG at that but I feel it genuinely works in this movie mainly because with such an exaggerated character I don't expect it to look real! It looks silly at times but it's one of the few instances where CG is used to convey comedy through over the top motions, so I'm totally 100% fine with the effects and I like the fact the movie only uses it when necessary. I think the cast, in particular Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz, all do fine work and take the roles as seriously as they need to, though it is safe to say Jim and Cameron do the best of them all. Oddly this was Cameron Diaz's first movie role and she does quite well in this, though good God does this movie just oggle the hell out of her, I mean it's not gratuitous but boy howdy does this movie love to show off some cleavage. Hmm, maybe there were more reasons why I liked this as a kid....uh, anyway Jim Carrey is the man and I genuinely like him more as Stanley than the Mask but you can tell he's having fun playing this Jekyll and Hyde character, and apparently when Carrey got the script he said this was a role he was born to play. To which I agree, his fluid body motions and voice inflections provide a good source of comedy, and he's well I just have to say it, kind of adorkable as Stanley. Just a very lovable shy guy with a penchant for cartoons and is a hopeless romantic. I relate to that a bit too much. I got to say the music really took me for a trip combining very sweeping orchestral pieces and a damn fine jazz soundtrack, and the visuals are kind of interesting too with very run down dark streets lit by neon signs I mean the film kind of has a look of it's own, sort of Dick Tracy meets the '89 Batman movie. And I really did not know about the comic origins of this character until about 15 years later, I mean sweet Jesus if you have a weak stomach stay the f*** away from the comics, cause that is some hardcore stuff. I can admit this is entertainment fluff and I don't have a problem with it, yeah you could argue it's for kids but I can see adults getting a bit of a kick out of it too. A good 3 stars from me, 7/10, a decent start to the week and it brought back some happy moments. And now it's party time, P-A-R-T. Y? Because happy birthday to me!

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