Friday, August 2, 2019

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

I'm happy this was the movie to come back on.

I had a great opportunity to see the movie on legit 35mm film, and it did nothing but add more to the movie. Set in the late 60s, our story follows a film actor and his stunt double, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt respectively, going about their daily lives in Los Angeles while we also briefly follow stars Roman Palinski and Sharon Tate. It's kind of a hard movie to describe, it's very slice of life set in a time capsule of 1968, so nothing major happens plot wise until near the end. It's very much a movie you can watch with friends but you better have some time on your hands. This movie pushes 3 hours but never does it drag or feel dull, I was fully enjoying the film all the way through and enjoying the style and scenery. The cast I felt was really damn good, Leonardo DiCaprio plays an aging movie star pretty much pitch perfect, you can keep your Titanic and Romeo & Juliet DiCaprio, I prefer him more like this. Brad Pitt and him have excellent screen chemistry, you can really tell they are friends and get along, plus I just love how Brad looks in this film. He fits that gruff cool stuntman from the early 70s look, I mean he just melds into this part. Margot Robbie though not having a major part in the film has some nice moments and well if you know the real life story of actress Sharon Tate you really don't want to see anything bad happen to her. But my absolute favorite is Julia Butters who plays a bit part on Leo's show, like they really have some great scenes together and I absolutely loved her performance. I don't even know why she just did that good a job, she plays a child actor wiser beyond her years and is just excellent! And I'm a sucker for the 60s I can't help it, and the cinematography even with film grain and scratches looks great! The colors still pop, it's not hazy or out of focus, it just immerses you further into the movie. The best way I can sum up the movie is, it's a Tarantino movie. And if you've liked the 9 movies he made before this, then no doubt you'll enjoy this one too, and even if you haven't I still recommend it. It's worth the time and you'll find something you enjoy in it, whether it be actors, the time period, music, visuals, no doubt you'll dig the ending. I mean damn, I wish the ending was the true ending. But nevertheless, 3.5 stars check it out! And I will be back next week with more.

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