Monday, August 19, 2019

Doctor Who: Series 1

Time enough at last.

Yeah the day was never far away when we traverse in time and space, watching the longest sci-fi series in history. But I am so happy I did, it's been ages since last I watched Doctor Who! Not since Peter left but different time, different place...sort of. But this was the first for me and how did it all begin? I have absolutely no idea. There was a time I never heard of The Doctor, a TARDIS, what a Dalek is, or even what a sonic screwdriver looked like. And then it was there one day out of the blue, in 2010 when I was digesting series after series on BBC America at my grandparent's house. Needless to say I was hooked. And you know what, this is a very admirable beginning to a revival of a show that hasn't been around since the late 80s. I thoroughly enjoyed series one, I love our Doctor as he was the first for many as he enters the world of young Rose Tyler as he takes her on many adventures through space and time. So let's talk about the episodes first before we get into pros and cons. The majority of the episodes, at least 90% are all good though I will admit The Empty Child was sort of blah for me except for Captain Jack. The series starts off perfectly, it ends perfectly, there's lots of good moments and a few great characters that people still remember today. But as always the devil is in the details! Our Doctor in his 9th incarnation really and I do mean really, doesn't get the appreciation he deserves. I always liked Christopher Eccleston in this role and I've only grown to love him more and more each time I see him. He is so different and built this mystery once again for new and even old audiences, he's cheeky and fun but hides deep emotional scars from a cataclysmic war that completely wiped out his race and you see that wrath and deep sadness throughout the series. And his effects are still felt today, it is because of this Doctor that made the show more popular than it ever was and for that he has my respect. I really like our first companion, Rose is a formidable match for The Doctor, is quick on her feet, inquisitive, and has become a beloved companion because of her relatability and charm. Plus her story arc is one of the more interesting stories in the new series. And I...mostly like our side characters. Now Jack Harkness is awesome, John Barrowman is the man and can charm the pants off of anybody ever, and the actress who plays the female Slitheen is sort of okay in Aliens Of London but she frickin' owns Boom Town, I mean spectacular acting! But when it comes to Rose's mom and boyfriend, ugh. I mean they get better but it's pretty insufferable in this series, especially with Mickey being a total bitchy twat. And this aspect bugs me but I kinda get why they did it, throughout not just this series but every other one, characters bring up the question of, is it safe to travel with The Doctor? Oh he's dangerous, leads a life with death and devastation in his wake which okay fine, it's kind of true. It always has been true but it's this new and honestly for the better thinking, you couldn't run off with a stranger time machine or not. Back in the 60s and 70s nobody really cared, you just went on adventures and fought aliens and monsters, absolutely no questions asked even if you were bloody teenagers! But the world has evolved and the creators looked at the old series and brought up modern moral questioning. I can appreciate that effort, but here's the thing: I don't give a flying got-damn hell about that because this show is supposed to be pure escapism fun! It's true but damn, I do not watch a family orientated sci-fi show to debate on moral and philisophical grounds, I watch it to enjoy the fun and creativity. And this aspect only bothers me more and more until it's culmination in series 8 or 9 to the point where I'm bashing my skull in. Something else I actually never noticed before is well, the first series has a bit of cheese to it and most of the time it is done straight and done well. However! Though the effects aren't excellent I can give a bit of pardon to the TV show in 2005. But the weird musical stingers for creepy scenes, in fact the creepy scenes themselves, they just feel very Goosebumps. Some of the acting is a bit off but the vast majority is done really damn well. There wasn't much to hate beyond a few aggravating bits, the stories are still solid despite them but some details throw it off a bit. But I've met people before that have no issues at all so you have to judge for yourself. The first revival series of Doctor Who is a fine beginning and should be seen even if you have reservations with the show, you'll know if you want more by the end of the series. I give it 3.5 stars, check it out and give Chris some credit, he is criminally underrated.

Tomorrow, new beginnings and quite possibly the most loved Doctor of them all.

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