Monday, August 5, 2019

Green Book

Okay, okay, I get it now.

I was very shocked to see Green Book win Best Picture at the Academy Awards, there was a lot of potential winners and Green Book was honestly the last on my list for winners. But now upon seeing it, it makes a hell of a lot more sense why it won. I saw the synopsis and trailers and it didn't look like a bad film, and when I finally watched it I can safely say this is a really damn good, if not great movie. The story centers around a jack of all trades regular joe named Tony who gets hired by a popular musician named Dr. Donald Shirley as his driver as they tour through the deep south. In the 60s. So a rough and ready Brooklyn boy is just what the doctor ordered as they tour and they form a friendship. And that's what I loved above all, you can fully tell they become great friends. They bicker like a married couple, the Doc always tells Tony off like a parent, their personalities offset each other perfectly. Doctor Shirley is a very sophisticated and polite man while Tony is a bit of a slob and has a bit of a bad attitude but by no means is a horrible person. He's just a normal guy who gets this job to drive this musician around and keep him safe, but as time goes on he gains more respect for the Doc and always stands up for him no matter what, fighting a lot of bigotry and standing by his friend even when he gets carted off to jail. It's a wonderful relationship played by two great actors. Viggo Mortensen is perfect in this role and is just so damn enjoyable, you really grow to like him fast. Mahershala Ali is great, I can't give him enough praise if I tried, he's funny, heartfelt, and very intelligent. I almost completely call bromance on this, I absolutely adore it. They even have a Christmas scene, Tony invites the Doc over for Christmas and it is so damn schmultzy I can't help but love it. I can fully appreciate the story, the people, and the head on potrayal of southern culture in the 60s. They have no issue just stating the facts of that time and place and don't shy away from it. It's a great movie and one I have no problem seeing again, I saw it over my break and knew immediately I had to contribute to the good things said about it, give it a shot if you're not sure whether you want to watch it, you won't regret it. And just as an added bonus for me we have Linda Cardellini being the supremely sweet and charming woman as she always is, and if that doesn't give a movie brownie points in my eyes not a damn thing will. 4 stars! Definite recommendation and next time we take a look back at a movie that split both audiences and critics but I was definitely in the love camp.

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