Thursday, August 22, 2019

Doctor Who: Series 4

Yeah this is the best season.

I think they really did plan this all out. I mean from The Christmas Invasion to Journey's End scale of planning, Marvel planning here folks! Why? Because this finale not only puts every other finale to shame we've seen so far, but the size, scale, amount of characters, and plot threads that get tied up, it does kinda make you wonder! But beyond the awesome finale, how's the rest of the series? Well I personally think it's the best of the Tennant era. Partners In Crime is a much welcome return for Donna Noble, and the comedic and dramatic chemistry between them is excellent. The Fires Of Pompeii is a great episode and has a certain significance that we learn much later down the road. The Sontarans make a nice return and I swear I haven't seen them since the 70s, so that was cool. A murder mystery with Agatha Christie is as fun as you think, with interesting twists and turns. But beyond the finale there is something very, very important shown here, the introduction of River Song. This aspect alone made series 4 special, a time traveller who knows The Doctor in every way and her story comes to a close and yet has only just begun. Incredible. It's pretty much the first series with no real episodes worth skipping though I do take slight issue with some. Midnight may work as a horror-esque episode but the constant screaming and nagging drives me up the wall to be honest, it gives me a headache. And then there's Turn Left. Now I understand the concept and intention, simple decisions can affect the world, alternate realities can become morphed with ours. But the idea that The Doctor what, drowned, because he was so intent on watching the Racnoss queen die? Bullshit and demons! Don't buy it for a minute, alternate reality or not, you are just wrong. So that episode has nothing for me but if there's anything Doctor Who does, it's foreshadow and pay off. First series was Bad Wolf, then it was Torchwood, then it was Mr. Saxon, and now it's planets disappearing and something unseen on Donna's back. Always repeated, hinted at, until the reveal at the end of the series. Thankfully the planets disappearing payed off better, pretty much wrapping up everything from every series before except for the time war. I had a lot of fun and grew very attached to Donna, and their adventures are still ranked upon the greatest. This was a well crafted and expertly executed series, top notch, great all around, and worth watching!

But everything has it's end, so I will be covering David's last few specials before we hit series 5 tomorrow!

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