Friday, May 17, 2019

John Wick: Chapter 3

Well so much for a trilogy.

I have a theory, trilogies are dead. Movie series nowadays are either a one and done, or have contracted severe sequelitis. I read how the director and Keanu Reeves wanted a straight up trilogy so the series wouldn't be bogged down by sequels, and I'm on board for that! When I thought we still had 30 to 40 minutes left of film, the credits started to roll and that really pissed me off man! Do not get me wrong, after a very busy day this was the perfect movie to cap off the day and blow off some steam. The audience reactions and energy levels were part of the fun of the movie, I will also say stuff goes down in this movie here and there but it's just much of the same. I equate the John Wick series with music, music is built around repetition, that steady beat that keeps going from start to finish while being interwoven with melodies and so forth. The action is the beat, the repetition, it has it's own style and formula and while it is great and visually interesting it is still the same thing over and over. The dialogue scenes which again I must give credit to that they actually know when to break off the action and give you time to breathe and relax, are the melody interjected between the ongoing beat. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with formulaic storytelling if it's done right, and it is here, the movie never failed to hold my attention or to have me engaged in the fights. They are expertly crafted fights with real talent and skill at play along with excellent camera work, lighting, and editing! It's great fun to watch! But it's starting to wear down on me, with the first film I loved how the action was done in every aspect, second film gave me even more and I still enjoyed it, here it gets tiring just a bit. So all I have to say is, end it at four movies, have your really cool badass tetralogy, to not only keep your unique style and story interesting and complete without ruining it but to also avoid degrading in quality sequels. If you liked the first movie and the second, go see the movie. If you are a fan of action, go see the movie. If you're in it purely for Keanu Reeves, go see the movie. It's a very good movie that I have no doubts will be enjoyed across the world by many, many people. Have fun with it, and I will see you next time.

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