Friday, May 3, 2019

Black Klansman

I had no idea how to properly write the title, I'm sorry.

I'm not gonna lie, I got real choked up at the end. Spike Lee did an exceptionally great job with this movie, though I will freely admit I haven't seen many of his movies and I will continue to see more in the future but it's gonna be hard to top this one. Now I know I say that a lot, and am often proven wrong a lot but is that really a bad thing? I didn't know this was based on Ron Stallworth's actual biography on a case he worked, when I heard a story about a young black man joining the police force in the 1970s and starts an investigation into the KKK, I was pretty much hooked! Then you add some drama, really good comedy, ffffflippin' fantastic actors and an acclaimed director, and there was no doubt in my mind about seeing it. I must say I feel really damn bad not seeing it in theaters, I don't know if I was busy or what but now that it's died down a bit before the big summer rush I decided it was hight time to see this movie. It is amazing. The shots look so good though to my knowledge it's shot on film, could be wrong stay tuned to find out if I'm wrong, I love the editing, I love the film references from Gone With The Wind to Shaft and how they're used, it's just a great movie. And as with all great movies it does have something to say, and it is an admirable thing to say as well. I really wouldn't be surprised if people called this a spiritual succesor to Blazing Saddles with it's mockery of absolutely absurd racism but it does it with a lot more drama, yes the film is funny but it's about the story and characters first. John David Washington is a great lead and I really would love to see more of him, Adam Driver is awesome as always, and Laura Harrier gives an intense but still highly enjoyable performance. It's more details that I love more than anything, there is this undercurrent of humor in scenes especially if someone's on the phone or they do a split screen edit cause the more you listen and think about it, it's absolute perfection. I love how it brings up the fact that with any form of protest or movement, there's going to be more militant and hard pressing individuals but also how others can talk and inspire yet neither is really the tight choice. You need to be diplomatic yet also ready to take action, wise yet powerful, that peace is not weakness and strength is not the solution. When you are both, then you posess the true qualities of a leader. And the fact the movie has no qualms, no quarter, no hesitation to adress the fact that such a thing as horrible as racism must be continued to be fought even to this day, tomorrow, and in the future because it still exists in frightening forms today must be admired. And I for one believe in all power for all people who are good, and kind, and decent, and loving.

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