Friday, May 24, 2019

I Despise The Living....

Yeah this has been coming for a while. So I got a new job that pays really well, I had a great place to work with decent hours. I could wake up, go to work, and still have time to either come home or go to the movies and write reviews, so that's why most of the new movie releases had their reviews posted much later in the day. I am always about seeing movies bright and early, not only for price but also seat convenience and other pros. It worked. But something that was out of my power and control went down, and they had to move me. Still have the job, still have the good pay, but now the hours suck. After I wake up I have 2 to 3 hours to watch a movie and write the review, I get to my job just a bit after noon and don't get home until about 11:00 at night. It is a time waster of epic proportions. Now everything in life is a time waster, it's just that some things are actually worth wasting time on specifically stuff you love to do. Read a book, go see a movie, play a game, if it matters to you and you really love it then it's not a time waster. Thankfully I have weekends off but you can see the toll this will take on seeing new movies, the earliest showings for any new movie is about 10:00 in the morning, and that's totally fine if I had reliable transportation. Hopefully I can get a car but I don't have one now, if I did I'd probably be okay but it just sucks. I wanted to see just two movies over the last week, Booksmart and Brightburn. I have no idea when I'll get to them. Cause I need to dedicate the weekend for something special next week! I'm very excited for it and it will take the whole week to do, hopefully I can get Friday off or most of Friday off so I can actually go to the movies. And after that we're back on a decent schedule for reviews but Booksmart and Brightburn will have to wait until mid-June if they're even still out . It's just aggravating that I have no time to do what I need to do here. It's a very special thing because it's not a job, not really, it is but I watch movies for crying out loud. It's pretty awesome so I don't feel like there's this classic work vs. fun dynamic here because it's both. I just feel I'm wasting countless days of my life for absolutely no reason, and if there is one thing I despise in this world it is the wasting of time! And all due to nonsensical humans. To quote one of my favorite cartoons, "I despise the living, curse them all.". Ugh, hopefully it gets better next week with a more open schedule, I just felt it was important to tell everybody because it is something that affects the reviews. Thank the Endless I plan ahead at least one month in advance, so I'm not grabbing at straws every week on what to review. Just bare with me for a tiny bit and we'll get back on track, no matter what it costs me. Thanks for listening to me rant I guess, you know how much I appreciate you, and I can only hope that life gets better for everybody. See you guys next week.

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