Monday, May 20, 2019


I promise this will be our last action flick for awhile.

Yeah John Wick got me in a mood, and me being me when seeing a Mads Mikkelsen movie on Netflix, yeah I had to watch and I'm incredibly happy I did. Polar is...interesting. It's a good movie without a doubt but booooy is it out there! Color palletes go from cold and grey to bright harboring on neon, the movie has a very bizzare and dark style of humor that won me over quite quickly, the editing is quick yet knows when to hold on an important shot, the action is well done though I will admit it is very sparse, so it deals with characters mostly. And the characters are great, we got Mads Mikkelsen as a retiring assassin who for some reason is being hunted down by the head of their I guess you could call it a guild for monetary reasons. And the fact that the head of the hired killer organization is Matt Lucas immediately lets you know what kind of movie you are in for and I know there are tons of people who don't know who Matt Lucas is but he's essentially a british comic who does funny and cute side characters, it's kinda like if you got Gabriel Iglesias to play a drug lord, just plain weird man. But our dear Mr. Lucas sends a group of killers to hunt him down, and in the meantime we get a quite nice relationship building between Mads character Duncan Visla (Yes like the mandalorian Visla.) and a young woman played by Vanessa Hudgens named Camille who has had a troubled life and is a bit meek but they form a nice bond and it's a pleasure to see. And the movie ends pretty much how I wanted it, maybe even better which always gets you bonus points in my book! Not quite sure why the movie is named Polar it because the subject matter is dark and morbid but the color scheme is bright and full in some scenes? There is some snow in the movie but it ain't blood freezingly cold in the film. Maybe it's character significant with how Duncan is trying to establish a normal day to day life and distance himself from the world travelling assassination buisness, hmm those are polar opposites. Yeah let's go with that. The music was also quite nice done by Deadmau5, who makes some pretty dang good music so all in all it's a very good movie, I'm very happy I saw it and would gladly see it again in the not too distant future. So I'm sure we'll have a return to the shoot em' up genre but next time we go to something more family friendly. Until then my friends!

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