Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Gotham: Season 3

So many questions, all I'm excited to have answered.

Alright, same drill as before. Good solid season that does a lot and still keeps it interesting and (mostly) done well. Now onto the review! So it's been 6 months since the Arkham incident and stuff has really gone south in Gotham. Bruce has been away all that time, Gordon for some weird reason quits being a cop and starts being a bounty hunter chasing down Strange's creations, even poor Harvey quits being a cop so it's a certainly a low point for our heroes but the changes they go through, again make the show worth watching. Bruce has changed in 6 months becoming much wiser and stronger in his decisions and actions stepping closer to his destiny, Jim goes through....a lot but comes out better for it and faces some old demons making him a better man in light of several dangerous elements. Penguin starts campaigning for mayor because it's a mark all memorable Penguin's have done over the past 70 years ever since Burgess Meredith ran for office, so why not! We even have a new arrival in the form of Jervis Tetch, The Mad Hatter who has taken a special liking to Jim and has plans for him involving a rather less than desirable virus that is soon taken by even more sinister forces that Gordon gets knee deep into stopping. So there's lots of good stuff with our villains still, I love the relationship that develops between Ed and Oswald it really is the highlight of the season for me because of how much pull it had for me. Penguin and Riddler were my favorite and still are my favorite characters in the whole show so of course I just eat their scenes up! And I take great joy in having surreal adventures with The Mad Hatter, he is such fun and poses as a good antagonist for the first half of the season on and off. It's like every season there's even more and more plot stuff to talk about, it's an involved show but if you go for it you will enjoy it. But! Slight issues like before, but I think that's down to me watching season after season all day every day, you kinda start to nitpick! Like why is it no one can ever just shoot someone and has to ramble on? Why are the murder tactics so rubbish and downright nonsensical? Perfect example, see if you can spot the flaw in this plan: two people are riding on a single motorbike, one is driving, one bears a weapon. So they need a quick hit and run (ha ha get it?) so what would you use to take out a singular target? A 9mm handgun? Perhaps an Uzi for greater spread of fire and a better chance to kill your target? Or maybe just do a quick drive by and nonchalantly drop a grenade at their feet? No, they take the true most effective way of performing an assassination by waving a Crocodile Dundee "Thas' a knoife" bowie knife at them like it's bloody jousting!! WTF??? Oh but the flippin' creme de la creme comes in a scene where Tetch has a gun and wants to shoot a love interest of James who is literally around for maybe 5 episodes or Lee his now ex, and there is a clear intention to KILL somebody, and he shoots them in the gut! In the gut! Because there is CLEARLY NO OTHER PLACE TO SHOOT when you want to kill someone!! I would already be the absolute kingpin of crime in Gotham by the 4th episode because I can actually think coherently. Fine, whatever, television show but come on! Be smart! Screw your plot convenience! Ugh, anyway. Beyond the idiotic moments which are actually very few but by God they urk me hardcore, the show does very well. It is great to see the villains form, and change, and group together while the heroes have to undergo changes of their own while trying to stay one step ahead, it's surprisingly gripping storytelling. You want to see who succeeds, who fails, who changes, who lives or dies. And I came to a bit of an epiphany late in the season. Gotham is the only show I know where you can cheer for anybody and be justified. You can cheer for Jim to face his demons, you can cheer for Bruce to better himself, you can cheer for Ed to become The Riddler, hell you can even cheer for Stabby Babs and urgh, Tabitha for reasons of revenge and standing in the underworld. You pick sides, you make a choice, you love and hate with no logical standing. It's absolutely brilliant how they do it! Great job Gotham, you got a good style of storytelling and emotionally charged viewings of characters! Because if you can't get that involved in a show, what's even the point? Very good season, can't wait to see how it all comes together, it's sad yet exciting to see Gotham come to an end. Tons to enjoy, discuss, and view in a mad city.

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