Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Top 10 Films Of 2018

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Whew, another year behind us and more to come but which were the best? Let's find out.

10. Hotel Artemis - The reason it got on (besides Sofia Boutella) was I expected not even good things from this movie and what I got was damn good. That credit goes a long way, but we got 9 hits even bigger and better.

9. Solo - Again, really wasn't expecting much but I enjoyed it and yes it may have caused Disney to back down a bit but that by no means is a bad thing. Another fun adventure through a more seedy view of a galaxy far far away.

8. Teen Titans Go To The Movies - Love the show, love the movie! Good animation, great sense of humor, and not feeling like a feature length episode of the show. Not many can claim such compliments.

7. The Grinch - May have enjoyed it more than anybody in the theater but hey it's always fun to see a movie about me....most of the time.

6. Ready Player One - Retro, smart, funny, and a great story to tie it all together. Truly the holy grail of geek culture.

5. Bumblebee - I never thought I would see the day. But it is that damn good.

4. Halloween - A true return to glory through such dark times and a warm welcome to hardcore fans. Michael has never been greater.

3. Isle Of Dogs - Wes Anderson does it again for me with a film full of charm, heart, great animation, with some Japanese culture as the cherry on top.

2. Ralph Breaks The Internet - It all comes down to the ending why it's so high. It really is what sets it from an already fun adventure for all but takes it to a place that few have ever dreamed of.

1. Christopher Robin - I cannot think of a better film than this. It is perfect. The characters, the overwhelming heart and charm and lovability easily makes Christopher Robin someone I wish to see time and time again.

But what were your opinions on best films of last year? I've already watched a few videos and I've been surprised by the choices. Obviously a lot of animation hit my list, a lot of nostalgia hit the list, but hey man that's what I'm partial to and I can't get enough! I've been working on some stuff so I will meet you Monday evening in Gotham. Don't be late.

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