Friday, October 5, 2018


I think I knew what they were going for.

I think the most positive word I heard about this movie, though limited that was, is that it's so bad it's good. Now I must say my hopes for this movie wasn't that high, I expected a fun romp with Venom and I got a fun romp with Venom. Kinda was hoping for more horror vibe, but the movie keeps a good upbeat pace and is relatively fun despite there being not one, not two, but three straight up Return Of The Living Dead head chomps! I didn't actually know if this movie was rated R or not, it's PG-13 but I say they should make an R version. I mean shit, if that asshat Deadpool can get a PG-13 cut for his second movie (a rant that has it's day coming believe me) then I don't see why Venom can't have some blood and gore in it. Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock quite good, and I found the whole split personality thing done like, really good in this movie which leads me to Venom himself. I highly stress I have not read any Venom comics, if you've been with me long enough you've probably come to the conclusion that Marvel just isn't my thing, but I really love Venom. I love his look, I've heard of his stories and they sound great, his voice is perfect in this movie, they got the Symbiote down correctly, the effects are done well and show creativeness, and I was really hyped to see Venom in Spiderman 3. Like....that's the reason I bought my ticket, though the Sam Raimi Spiderman movies are okay in my opinion. And I just gotta say, I will watch this Venom movie seven times compared to even one sitting of f***ing Topher Grace. So even if all else fails and you walk out of that theater disappointed, just remember that it wasn't Topher Grace and they actually did something with the character. I won't diverge into plot, if you've seen the trailer you essentially know the movie, there's just a lot more comedy in it than you would think. Hopefully they get that R rating when it hits video, cause I would love to see what they do. Recommend it for a slow weekend or if you're a hardcore Marvel fan. Next week though, I get to show my love for a certain underrated human monster.

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