Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Return Of The Living Dead

What a trip man!

I gotta say I don't know what the hell took me so long to finally see this movie. I've heard about it for the better part of 8+ years, so I'm happy I saw it and I had some fun with it. So the story before the mayhem begins is a guy named Freddie works at a medical warehouse where his boss upon questioning reveals he has canisters containing corpses, from a supposed real life case that influenced Night Of The Living Dead, so they check em' out, a mishap occurs, and before long the dead be rising and it's party time! To differentiate between zombies of movies past, these zombies are the ones who shamble about and say "Brainsss...." and the effects are outstanding though I doubt that needs to be said. It's a short movie, barely an hour and a half so it kicks off early and escalates to an explosive end. And probably the most famous scene in the movie if you ask anybody who has seen it, is Linnea Quigley dancing nekkid on a tombstone and it hits pretty early and she's great in every movie and I do mean in a more than just physical look, she's a great screamer and good actress. Oh man, this movie is so 80s, this wardrobe and hair of these characters is the stuff of legend and I love it. The soundtrack is also pretty great, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't want a few of the tracks. It's really funny too like the humor is not obvious or in your face but it did make me chuckle. I get the feeling though it could ruin zombies for you, so if you're a big Romero or Walking Dead fan you probably couldn't watch that stuff and enjoy it the same. There were several sequels so no doubt we'll get to those later but tomorrow we hopefully get a good comic book movie with some good horror elements.

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