Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Well it only took me 22 years to finally watch it.

So what did I think of Trainspotting? I liked it! It was nice to see Ewan McGregor in a role I never saw him in before, this coming from a guy who the first and only movies I saw of him were the Star Wars prequels. Hell, this movie came out 3 years before Episode 1 so he was that close to becoming super famous, and he does an incredible job in this movie where he plays Renton, a young man who is addicted to heroin and tries several times to get his life back on track told in one of the most recognizable opening monologues in film. It's basically if you took Requiem For A Dream's drug abuse and addiction and mixed it with A Clockwork Orange's delinquet young men. It's a fascinating movie and it does end on a high note for Renton, but it does not shy away from the more dark and depressing consequences of drug use. Christ, I'd almost say the movie is one big PSA to lay off the smack but that would be a severe diservice to the movie. It has unique camera movements and placements, you get a good sense of Renton and his deadbeat friends and maybe why they even do what they do, all the acting is really good, it's surprisingly funny for a serious look at drug addiction, and I can see why it has a sort of cult following. It's a really good movie, and though it may not be for everyone I do have to recommend it. It's graphic to say the least, but you can still enjoy it as a film and appreciate the story it was trying to tell. Would I buy it? Yeah, I think I actually would! And tomorrow we look at another movie I've never seen, Snatch. I swear to God it's not a porno.

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