Friday, August 4, 2017

The Dark Tower

You know I was kinda dreading this might be another bad Stephen King movie, but thankfully it was only average. Wait....

So The Dark Tower based off the series of books written by Stephen King just hit theaters today, was okay. By no means a bad movie but also it certainly isn't hitting my top 10 films of 2017. So the movie centers around a boy named Jake who's having constant nightmares of a dark tower, a man in black, and a gunslinger. We spend a bit of time on Earth and I have to say, this kid did a good job in this movie! He's a smart kid, he doesn't feel like baggage or some prized item for someone to obtain, I mean yes he is along for the ride but he still sets out to seek help to defend his world! So through a bit of research he finds a totally not stargate, crosses through, and soon finds the gunslinger. They exchange history between one another and set off to take down the man in black. Yeah, not exactly Shakespeare but it's a decent movie with good action scenes, decent characters, and leaves it open to create more movies possibly in the future. The world of the gunslinger is a mesh of magic and technology, and yet the civilizations range from straight out of the old west that just so happens to have a stargate by it, to a very technological base of operations for the villains. Speaking of which, Matthew is a treat in this movie. And surprisingly he does command this presence and danger about him, even though he does have his Matthew McConaughey moments which I love, so that really surprised me but it just shows he's a good actor and can even play a villain. Side note, they straight up tell the audience magic is real, and the man in black is a sorcerer, but I am willing to hedge my bets in the book it's spelled magick. But anyway, Idris Elba is a good lead, and yes he does have lackluster roles (Star Trek Beyond) but in this he does well! You get the sense he's old, tired, but can still put up a good fight and I like that about his character. But The Dark Tower while not a bad movie didn't leave much of an impact on me. If you have a day where nothing is on TV, you're bored, you want to watch a movie, I'd check it out and hell, if you saw the trailer and want to see the movie I certainly won't stop you. You may have a much more better experience than I, but all in all The Dark Tower is a decent movie. Not great, not horrible, but good.

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