Friday, August 18, 2017

Logan Lucky

Now that there's what I call a good movie.

I've never seen a movie quite like Logan Lucky. Take the southern characteristics of Steel Magnolias and add crime elements to a movie, and by God they made something good! So the story follows a construction worker played by a pretty nonchalant Channing Tatum (no pants ripping here ladies!) who after getting laid off decides to steal all the cash from Charlotte Motor Speedway's vault with the help of his brother played by Adam Driver who I swear nails that southern drawl thing on the head to perfection, and a convict played to absurdly hilarious degree by Daniel Craig. And yes, I have no issues saying the only real reason I saw this was to Hear Daniel Craig talk like he was from fricking West Virginia. My God. It is glorious. And Channing Tatum has a daughter in this.....dear sweet baby Jesus I need to adopt a flippin' today alright? Perfection exists and it's name is Farrah Mackenzie! I just loved how the movie played out, you understand why this guy is robbing money, and by noooo means is he a selfish guy. There are movies about the good guys, the bad guys, and even good guys doing bad things, and this movie hits the sweet spot with the last example. I daresay to go see the movie for the characters and that whole sort of, southern, small town, ordinary folk, simple talking people who get right to the point by rattling on and on. It does scream home to me for a boy who grew up and lived in East Texas. It's a real good movie to say the least, and well worth the price of admission. Give it a shot and see if you liked it just as much as I did! Which by the way was an awful lot.

I'm debating on reviewing The Hitman's Bodyguard Sunday, and I think I might since after Sunday I'm taking about two weeks off. So stay tuned until then.

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