Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Enforcer

This movie was better than I remembered.

Alright so new movie, new threats, new partner with Harry dealing with some heavily armed militants and a female partner. And you know, I got to admit his partner Kate Moore played perfectly by Tyne Daly kinda steals the movie. She is a badass. When I say badass...I mean a badass, she's rad man. She keeps up with Harry, and even bests him in some departments, she is just terrific. So far these movies have been holding up pretty dang well, I mean they know what they are doing, what they want to achieve, and what is important in the story. The movie's director is James Fargo and he got what was right really right, and there was only two problems that I had with the movie, one I can't talk about cause it delves into the spoiler realm but the other just seemed odd. So basically there is this militia group raiding a weapons warehouse, and during the course of this one of them is having problems lifting weapon caches and looks like she's having some serious cramps, so I figure there will be this weird pregnancy sub-plot in the stream of things and you know what it turns into? Absolutely nothing. Just seems a bit odd to have it in the movie if it doesn't come to any fruition, no one talks about it or says anything so it almost seems like it was going to be a part of the film but they cut it. Sorry to go on that small tangent but it bugs me people! But we'll be back tomorrow with the next movie, the very first one made in the 80s. So here's hoping for some dark material and great action.

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