Friday, July 22, 2016

The Dead Pool

Yeah, you read right. The next time you say you're going to watch that Dead Pool movie, keep your audience in suspense until you decide to tell them Clint Eastwood is in it.

The Dead Pool is the last in the Dirty Harry series, and surprisingly the shortest, clocking in at an hour and a half. The plot revolves around Harry being put on a hit list with several other celebrities forming the dead pool, with Harry trying to stop as many deaths as possible including his own. For the last installment in the series, it doesn't end on a bad note. The plot though simple works, and this movie really delves into the 80s tropes from the get go with in your face badass 80s music, the clothing, the hair, the workout fad at that time, a friggin' Guns N' Roses song showcased in the movie, it doesn't screw around. Now for the whole identity behind the creator of this dead pool list, it starts out good but really gets better. I give credit where credit is due, but most of the time I wonder why they add these mystery elements to the stories if they don't really play them all the way through, with the exception of this movie. I know they are more action films than detective films but still. But anyway, the cast is not half bad in this movie, Clint in my opinion really gets better with age and this is a good series to prove that, we get Liam Neeson in this movie (I am so not kidding!) and my God it's weird but really cool, and we even get Jim Carrey (Again, no joke!) in a bit part before he became super famous which is interesting to see. Really got to admit though the final ending to the entire series feels kind of abrupt, it just sort of ends immediately after the final kill. Still a good movie though, but I think it is the weakest of the series and that's the interesting thing. Not one of these movies are bad so you really just have to judge each of them on their merits and see which one you like the best. Now for next week, not really anything planned but who knows? So until next time my friends.

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