Monday, July 4, 2016

National Treasure

Okay we got a double feature for you tonight, so let's dive right in.

National Treasure is a very fun, very interesting movie with lots of history interwoven in a treasure hunt starring Nicholas Cage. The plot is like I said, a great big treasure hunt is underway with our hero Ben Gates as he searches for the greatest treasure in human history. Until the second movie happens. But anyway, I just like the inner details of the story and the treasure hunt. You can tell it was very difficult and very fun to actually write the story from beginning to end, daisy chaining all the clues to the big finale. Plus I got to commend a movie that can teach very nifty american history while still being entertaining and not a snore fest. The cast is really good, Nicholas Cage is a passionate lead, his right hand man Riley played by Justin Bartha is the best part of the entire movie, you wouldn't think the comic sidekick would be the best part but he really is! Diane Kruger does great as the romantic interest, and we got Sean Bean as a villain who surprisingly doesn't die so chalk that up to good luck. All in all, an entertaining film with a fun history edge to it. In the words of Joe Bob Briggs, four stars check it out. And now onto the sequel.

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