Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sudden Impact

This is the second best movie in the entire series.

It comes very close to being as good as the first, so that must mean something. You know how I said I wanted this movie to be dark? Well it certainly delivered. It literally starts off dark with some great shots of San Fransisco at night with some real badass 80s music. And then it gets darker...dear sweet Jesus does it get darker. Probably the darkest the series has ever gotten, and I enjoy it but still, I mean damn. The plot involves Harry taking up a homicide case, and you know how I said in Magnum Force there was a mystery that lasted for about 25 minutes? Well this movie's mystery lasts about 5 minutes, you know who is doing this, you figure out why a little while into the movie, and yet it doesn't hurt the film. It's a revenge story and done very very well, to the point where you don't care there isn't a mystery cause you roll with it quick. Clint Eastwood not only starred, but produced and even directed the movie and he did a phenomenal job. Harry in this movie is older, meaner, and even less tolerant of punks than he was in the past movies. The action though sparse is still done well, Harry even gets a kicking new badass gun, the music is better than the last movie I got to say, and the ending is what I wanted. So not much to complain about, it's one of the best of the series so there you have it. Really the best part of this entire movie series is the continuity, you can watch any of them, in any order and still enjoy them. Kinda reminds me of the Man With No Name movies that Clint did in his early spaghetti western parts, loose continuity, can enjoy them all, but hey we got more movie to review. So let's see if this series ends on a high note.

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