Monday, July 4, 2016

National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets

And we are back with the equally good sequel to National Treasure.

All the previous notes I made in the last movie are present, with minor adjustments and a few new additions. Okay, so the plot is very much like the last a great big treasure hunt lead by our friend Nicholas Cage, followed by our companions from the last movie. I got to tell you though, the plot makes some major leaps in the grand scheme of the hunt. In the last movie it was a gradual progression of clues to the finale, and all of them made perfect sense. But this movie makes a leap from assasination of Abraham Lincoln to finding probably the most ridiculous cover up I've ever seen in my life. They get to globetrotting too, heading to England and other places. We get to meet Ben Gates's mom played by Helen Mirren, while in the last movie we just met his dad played by Jon Voight and they make the movie much more fun. Our villain is certainly a step up from Sean Bean in more ways than one played by Ed Harris, terrific actor who really nails the menace in this movie. Final sum up, a good movie with raised stakes and payoffs, a little light on the history but it doesn't hurt it, I would recommend it especially around Independence Day. Now to celebrate with fireworks! Have a happy 4th of July everybody!

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