Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Magnum Force

The second installation in the Dirty Harry series, how does it hold up?

I got to admit it's a fantastic follow up to the first movie, with Harry encountering some mysterious murders of the most prolific of San Francisco's crime syndicate both big and small. Harry takes up the case to prove that it is not himself that is murdering these criminals, and that's all well and good...until the 25 minute mark. I mean the mystery rolls pretty good, it makes you ask a few questions, and then it turns painfully transparent who is commiting these murders. Even though it is clear what is going down, the movie really doesn't lose that much. The action is still good, Harry gets some good character development proving that he does the law his way but he still has respect for the system of law and order, Harry gets a new partner and I think he's awesome, so it certainly doesn't downgrade from the last movie. The music once again composed by Lalo Schifrin is good but very minimalistic, oh it's there but it is not prevalent in every scene. The scenes speak for themselves, and are directed very well so music is not always required. Clint gets a lot of stuff to do in the movie, he stops plane hijackers, the entire finale he doesn't even fire a single shot and wins, and he gets a little uh, hey hey...if you know what I mean. He was a good looking fella back then, so I kinda get the attraction. But anyway, good movie, watch it if it peaks your interest, and we shall continue the series tomorrow.

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