Monday, January 25, 2016

The Princess Bride

You never forget your first time, and I'm never forgetting this movie.

I'm actually surprised at the fact that a cult movie such as The Princess Bride is not more widely recognized. It's a great fantasy movie and is a fun, awesome, and all around magnificent movie in general. I have never ever met a person, or heard of a person that said they do not like The Princess Bride. Everybody, including myself like if not love this movie! So what is the story to this highly regarded fantasy cult classic? A sick boy played by Wonder Years star himself Fred Savage is visited by his grandfather who reads him a storybook called The Princess Bride. We follow a boy named Westley and a girl named Buttercup who have experienced true love together and are seperated for several years. Westley returns and finds a prince has taken Buttercup for his own, so Westley has to jump into action with several companions to get the love of his life back. A simple story yes, but really the charm of the film is in the characters and the fantastic dialogue. The dialogue is sincere and very funny, the performances especially from our heroes are the best parts, and just the story is great. Stories can be very familiar, but how they are told is what makes them interesting. This is a prime example of that. I really want to watch this movie again, even though I just finished it. Rare have films ever had that effect on me. So obviously something is up with how good this movie is. Seriously, check this thing out. Dare I say, it is the one movie that can never ever be unliked. It is inconceivable to hate this movie! And I adore it. See if you like it as much as I do.

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