Tuesday, January 12, 2016


David Bowie (1947-2016)

It greatly saddens me to hear the news that David Bowie has passed away, and while I can honestly say I haven't heard much of his music I was always quite fond of him. So in memory of him I shall be reviewing probably one of the best cult classics of the 80s, that of course being Labyrinth. Starring Jennifer Connelly when she was only 16 years old and the glorious David Bowie. The story follows a girl named Sarah who tired of her unhappy life and annoying baby brother wishes for The Goblin King to take him away forever. Wish granted, and she soon changes her mind and the hunt is on for her brother before he himself is turned into a goblin. Needless to say, David Bowie steals the whole damn show and God knows you can't take your eyes off him. His performance is very subdued and relaxed, but then again it is much more than that. You really have to witness it to fully comprehend it, and David Bowie has some real great songs in this movie too. Jennifer Connelly is very believable and relateable in her character, and even has quite a bit of a coming to age story at the center of it all which certainly does elevate the movie. The awesome animatronics and puppetry by Jim Henson is timeless, my personal favorite being Ludo. He's just too darn cute. The script was actually written by a former Python so the movie does have really good comedy and dialogue in it. It's a really good movie and David Bowie is the high point of it all. Definitely would recommend you see it, even if it is odd and different but in the best way possible.

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