Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bates Motel: Season 1

Yeah I like the psychopath shows. They are amazing!

This is a prequel to the famous movie Psycho but strangely it is set in the modern day. I mean, I kinda get why cause it is much easier to make than set it before 1960 and it still works just fine. And that is what I was most surprised at, that it was set in modern day and it does not screw around with the mythos of the original movie. There are many, many nods to the film but trust me it has a plot all of it's own and my God it's great. It's a mystery show at heart so it is very difficult to explain without spoilers but basically Norman Bates and his mother Norma move to a small town and purchase the motel to start their own buisness. And during the course of opening the new Bates Motel our mother and son duo put up with some serious garbage and learn that the town they live in may have a few dark secrets Why is that such a common feature in shows? It's a perfect town on the surface, but everyone is in on whatever the hell is going on the down low there. But anyway, it's time to talk about the performances. Vera Farmiga just...oh lord have mercy, she is stunningly gorgeous and she's an awesome mom I'm not going to lie. She's protective of her son, but is a bit manipulative to be honest but really what mother isn't? And for Norman Bates himself we have Freddie Highmore. Yeah...Charlie from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. He does a good job really. He gets that good son side down perfectly, and he gets chilling in this show, he freaks me out. A lot. It's unbelievable! He tries to do a Anthony Perkins impression in the first episode and that's kind of distracting but he thankfully drops it after that. He's just a great actor in this. I would say watch it if you are a fan of either of the main actors, or Psycho, or you just love a good mystery show. It's very much worth your time at least for the first episode. And everytime an episode ended later on in the season, I seriously could not wait for the next episode to start up. This is how you do episode cliffhangers! If I had to change a disc after an episode I flipped, that is how good it does it! I implore you to watch at least the first episode and if it grabs you, you got two more seasons after you finish this one. So have a blast and go crazy.

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