Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hannibal: Season 1

Oh yeah, here it goes. First television review. Woohoo!

I have actually decided to review television shows, specifically in a season by season format. Because there are many television shows to be talked about just as much as movies, and I think it would be rather fun. So with that comes the review of an exquisite television show, with murder and cannabalism for all. So Hannibal is the hit TV show that proved 3 things: One, Mads Mikkelsen is an amazing Hannibal Lecter if not the best. Two, you can have a different kind of police drama that makes you want more because of the vastly different cases. And three, it proved me entirely wrong. When I first heard about this show being made I thought it would be a disaster. Come on the main villain from Casino Royale is going to be Dr. Hannibal Lecter? You people have lost it! But I bought this show on a pure gamble near Christmas time years ago, and I was a devoted fan after the third episode. This show combines mystery, horror, atmosphere, and great characters all set in the world that Thomas Harris created. It follows behavioral scientist, Will Graham as he is hired by Jack Crawford of the F.B.I to hunt down various psychopaths and killers. And he has a partner in crime-solving that follows too closely in the footsteps of the people they apprehend. Dr. Lecter has been assigned to analyze Will and see if he is fit to work for the F.B.I but has an ulterior motive to help drive Will over the breaking point. And I have to be honest, I enjoy the series almost more than the films with the exception of Silence Of The Lambs. Through nothing more than how the characters interact and the choices they make which shapes the future of the entire series, plus the dialogue is friggin' awesome too I find myself more invested as to what is going on and what could, and will happen next. The series does take notes from the novels but mainly follows it's own story and I highly applaud them for that because they didn't just make a straight up television series of the novels. This show is freaky man, like you cannot be faint of heart or sheltered when it comes to blood and horrible murders. Like it shocked me that they included so much gore in a public televised series. This was not made for HBO or Showtime or something like that, this was made for NBC! That took some guts and they pulled it off. If you are a fan of crime shows, or anything Hannibal Lecter you might really like Hannibal! It's for a specific crowd but anyone can join. Give it a watch and see if you are hungry for more.

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