Sunday, January 24, 2016

RANT: Why We Need Video Rental Stores

This has been coming for a while.

Okay do you guys remember when I reviewed the original Fright Night and I really didn't like it? Yeah I still own it for one reason alone because I couldn't just slap down five or six dollars to rent it for a week, review it, and then finally return it. You have no idea how easier my job would be if I could just rent. Cause I really don't get much money and the money which I do get I put towards material for this. Movies, television shows, box sets! Most if not all is very expensive, and let's be honest here Redbox really ain't worth a damn. New releases only, a dollar a day to rent which is not bad but I prefer getting my hands on older films not just new ones. Netflix and Hulu, good libraries and reasonably priced for a monthly service but they always take stuff off and replace it with different things. I wish I had a dollar every single time I wanted to watch something and it wasn't on there anymore. None of the problems I have just stated would occur if video stores would still be around. And they are out there, remnants of an empire that revolutionized the world. We need them back, like yesterday! It was an event back then you know, you went out with your parents or a group of your friends you grabbed dinner and then you went to the video store to pick out two or three movies for the week. That was ritualistic with me, and I miss that physical aesthetic of it, of being able to pick up a movie, look at the pictures, read the description and decide if you want to rent it. And I miss going to any video store, whether it be Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, both of which are now gone. But thank God I still have a video store to call home. Only can you find it in the Dallas area and it is the video store to end all video stores. The sheer amount of stuff they put into every single store dazzles the eyes. You want it, they got it and it's called Movie Trading Company. They got an online store and everything, although I do not think the website is under Movie Trading Company. I believe it is called Vintage Stock and I am correct. Check them out, mother of Christ they got good stuff. Do you follow me at all on why we need video rental stores? I hope I got through to you cause this is getting depressing at how many are left. I discovered one and it closed it's doors forever less than five months ago. That is depressing to me. Like we need to start a petition or something to get these places back open again. We need them. Alright rant over, I apologize for the length I just had to speak my mind.

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