Sunday, March 26, 2023

8 Years In A Flash

I know I said it but I still don't feel great about it. But it's time. From now until the 9th year anniversary next year, I'm taking a major break from reviews. New movie reviews will come out, I actually have a little over a month of stuff coming out pretty much culminating on my birthday so this isn't goodbye. And who knows, madness may indeed strike and I shall briefly rise from my tomb in the month of October to talk more spooky goodness! But it's genuinely a lot to take in, as I stated in my Rings Of Power review I can't believe I've hit 1,000 reviews and now we're almost to 1,050 in just 8 years. It certainly doesn't feel like 8 years! Just holy crap I've done way more than I ever thought I was going to do, I was wondering if I was gonna keep going to 100 reviews let alone ten times that amount. I don't hate doing it, I couldn't quit if I tried, and even with the breaks I take each year I'm still working on a constant regular basis. As an individual with a great love for cinema and expressing yourself through writing, if you add autism and depression into any equation you're going to have a lot of mental balancing. I'm not even stressed over this show man, I keep up a pretty strict relax regiment on a daily basis to keep my mind limber and at peace, with great success. I'm not burned out I promise, I'm just taking several steps back and looking at the big picture and evaluating what I've done. And I've done a lot with plenty more still to do. The fact this website garners about 1,000 people a month who read any of my reviews blows my mind completely, from here in the States to Russia to Asia I've had some big attention shed on my work and I really fucking mean this when I say, thank you. I'm incredibly content with the number of folks who seek out an opinion of mine, completely counterculture and wild though they are! I don't get paid a dime for my work but I could care less. Would I absolutely love to make this my living? Of course! But I certainly ain't mad about dumping probably close to $5,000 give or take over the course of all these years for movies cause let's be honest here I got a track record of mostly good movies. And I genuinely feel I'm only now starting to become more critical, I've held the belief that my writing has only gotten better with time, and it is night and day between this year's reviews and my 2015 reviews. I also will continue to pursue to be an optimistic reviewer, and you can absolutely expect a much needed addition to the Evolutionary Viewing Of The Internet Critic next month for me to elaborate further on that point. I must admit something though man, I'm so thrilled I've been writing reviews because it terrifies me beyond belief I'm having a much harder time of remembering things now more than ever, it's very concerning cause I can somewhat describe the feelings I got from a certain film but not a great deal on details of the film itself. You know? The human mind can only hold so much information, and to be candid none of the information in my head is incredibly useful not unless I win a cash prize for a Star Wars quiz. Not to close out on a morbidly introsepctive note but people create things and do things to create an impression, a legacy after they die, something to be not only remembered for but just to show you were there at all. This is mine. Memento Mori. I will see you all next week for admittedly just 2 reviews to kinda set the pace for the future, but the fun will never end it's adventure time!

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  1. Your reviews are the basis of whether or not I go to the theater/rent the dvd. You give a perspective that MSM reviewers don’t.
    As a fan pls know that your peace and mental health are important to me as well. So although I’ll miss your writing and musings, I will wait with anticipation for your return. Best of luck and be blessed Dude