Friday, March 3, 2023

Creed III

Well it kiiinda distinguishes itself from the first two movies. 

Not bad though, I still got involved with the story, I liked the characters, the focus of the fight, may have shed a tear or two, and I'll tell you this now if they legit did not want to go farther than this movie I would not be mad one tiny bit. I was really shocked when credits rolled and Michael actually directed this movie, cause I noticed severe quirks and methods of cinematography I hadn't seen before previously, I'm not sure if this is his first time directing but he did good work. The story focuses this time on the past of Adonis, which I like because we never truly got a grasp on it except briefly in the first film, where we see a childhood friend return after Adonis has retired and stirs up a bit of a rivalry to bring him into the ring once more. So yeah, kinda takes some cues from Rocky V! But I gotta tell you man the way they showcased that story was pretty profound atleast to me anyway, where Adonis has to get where Rocky was in Creed II, it's all about facing the demons of his past and to reconcile with them, to let go of years of guilt and just come to terms with how things happened. Cause Damian isn't immediately an antagonist, it almost seems like the movie is gonna cross into full blown thriller territory where he'll break into their house and do a bunch of crazy shit, but anyway you can tell there is some less than good history between the two and they don't immediately take advantage of one another. I greatly enjoyed the arc both Damian and Adonis go through, and the movie pushes that previously stated message even more so when you see Adonis still talks to Ricky and Viktor and holds no animosity in the slightest. Make peace with your past to better yourself in the future. That's a monumental message to people regardless of age or walks of life. Now I will call myself out hardcore on this, I did not know in the slightest that Sylvester Stallone stepped down from being Rocky, Creed II was his last. I did not know that. So the whole movie I kept wondering where is Rocky? Is he safe? Is he alright? And they make no direct comment or statement as to what happened between films. Now the movie truthfully is very good at visual storytelling to where if you pay attention to both background and foreground the movie tells you a lot. Bianca has stopped singing and has been producing gold records, significant time has passed since Amara has been born, and this film gets artsy, dare I say avant garde. It's pure metaphore, SYMBOLISM abound, and visually striking. You'll know it when you see it and I will give many props and great love to it because they just decided to go for that. The actors bring their A-game full force, I mean they always do but it really does make you stop and appreciate that at moments. The more I genuinely think about it the more I like it. And before I forget I fucking applaud Wood Harris as Duke, that guy gets to shine big time in this movie, he's always been there, always been a part of it but this gives him a lot of material. I appreciate that. As I was watching I thought, ehhh this so far is the weakest of the Creed series but now...I really don't think so. I'm almost stumped where I would rank it. I still feel the first movie is the best as a whole, but those sequels they give you something storywise and for the characters to where you can't count them out! So I'll just get to the rating and let you decide once you see it. 4 stars, 8/10, so check it out and see what it does for you. Apologies for kinda lacking in new releases up to this point, but hopefully this is a sign of getting back on track for the rest of the year.

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