Thursday, September 15, 2022

Joe Pera Talks With You: Season 3

Like man I am not emotionally okay right now that there is no more new Joe Pera to watch. the final season the best? Well all endings are sad in a way and despite that, I would say yeah. It's one of the few shows I've seen in my life where the quality stays at an excellent standard throughout, and the enjoyment factor not just from the comedy but overall is exemplary and top of the peak. There's some pretty huge stuff that happens in this season, I mean lots happens great and small and thankfully no severe heartache is included. Gene retires and starts a semi-overarching story about chairs and the act of sitting, Sarah opens up and gets some gal pals which is great, Joe has to sell his Nana's house and reflects on legacy before taking a giant step with Sarah, and Gene creates Skynet and has plans to rule the world. That last part is not a joke. So help me, if I could, I would vote for that man under every alias I have, there's no one I trust more for the highest office. Fun conversational topics this season include going chair shopping, camping, the act of flying, and building furniture. Favorite episode....that's a tough one, I adore the flying episode for the amazing drone footage and fascinating train of thought you would have if you thought about taking to the air. Sarah getting new friends and coming out of her shell is so damn sweet and I cannot compliment that woman enough as is so that's possible contender material. And I gotta say the last episode is really damn good and the reason I love it is more for the fact of what you don't see, what happens after end credits, where does the lives of these people go and what direction is the world headed to? I call it the Watchmen effect. But I honestly like the season opener best, Joe and Gene going chair shopping and it's just such a cozy environment and honest to God, hand over my heart....I think that's the closest I have experienced serenity, true peace from a television show. I've experienced it multiple times in my life, often in the presence of silence and trees, but never have I felt that from a show. In fact, I've never felt anything like how I do watching other shows when I'm comfy in my chair and turning on Joe Pera Talks With You. It's the epitome of one of a kind for me, there just is nothing like it in media, which makes it all the more special. It can make me at ease, comfy, the warm fuzzies sieging my heart, thoughtful, appreciative of life, emotional about life, on the verge of tears even when nothing particularly heavy is going on it's just a feeling, and just unadulterated concentrated happiness surging through my soul. I've seen damn good television in my life, shows that might not be perfect but I still love them greatly regardless, shows that encapsulate phases of my life, I think I found the best and most perfect TV show right here. I give ratings primarily on enjoyment factor but always taking into consideration the aspects of production, acting, and direction while looking at the broad picture of cinema. Studio 666 is not objectively a 10/10, Cruella is not objectively a 10/10, Star Wars is not objectively a 10/10, but you know what? I have the time of my life watching those movies and revel in every second of it because it gives me everything I want and love. This series surpasses 10/10s, a 10 is shortselling it for me, I do not ironically give super high scores for anything least of all this. I mean it. This....this is it. I don't see it being toppled. Best dang television I've ever seen in my life.

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