Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Joe Pera Talks With You: Season 2

This might be a bit tough to talk about at a certain point but if you can't talk frankly don't be a critic.

What a season. Let's talk story bits first and then we'll dig in. So the show picks up with the beginning of summer break which offers a lot of opportunity and well earned rest for Joe and Sarah as they fully commit to a relationship, and a literal overarching plot is put into action by making a bean arch. I knew you would get that joke, you're a smart cookie. Of course the show never loses it's unique landscape of topics to discuss such as grocery stores, hikes, fashion, lighthouses, and internet videos which still offer a lot of charm and introspection to certain things. I think easily my favorite episode of the season is the beauty parlor where Joe and his Nana converse about patience and hairstyles before going to a fish fry, a situation I have experienced many times which is why I hold the episode so dear in my heart. I wish more than anything I could tell you the season is just as lovely and comfy to watch but unfortunately like life, things happen beyond your control. By episode 9 a severe and shocking bomb is dropped when Joe's Nana unexpectedly passes away, and a good bit of the final 4 episodes is him trying to reconcile that fact by writing her obituary, going to the wake, and trying to find his footing afterwards. I can tell it was inspired by real life events and his experiences, and it's not easy for me to tell that I know that feeling all too well. The show was able to express feelings I've never had the heart or words to say before, and it's something incredibly near to my heart that I won't be able to get over. The final bit of dialogue given at the end of the eleventh episode says everything I could ever have said or felt in the darkest period of my life. The overall composition of words, scenery of the The Domes in Milwaukee, and music accompaniment needless to say made me an emotional wreck where I had to take considerable time before moving on to the next episode. Not to say the show lost it's humor or pleasant relaxing mood, far from it in fact, but something that personal to me can't be ignored in writing this. Somehow someway Joe and Sarah are even cuter than before, and the crushing is so real with her. Can't stop, won't stop, they're just brilliant together and bless them. I'm not fully sure if I complimented the cinematography in my previous review due to memory difficulties getting worse, but this is a gorgeous show when it wants to be. Whether a simple shot of a growing plant amidst a rainy day, or a spectacular colorful light show in The Domes, or walking amongst reeds and trees near the setting sun, I mean that's pretty strikingly beautiful to me. The soundtrack I dare say has improved and it was already pretty flawless, having a fine mix of soul quieting moody music and jazzy upbeat happy tunes. So much to appreciate and so few words to describe it all. As if I needed more reason to love it and all the effort put in to make it, but it surpasses the previous season on a deeper level taking the basic elements and doing more and interesting things with it, taking it to new horizons unexplored. I don't need to tell you the score, you already know. So instead I'd like to wish you a good and peaceful day, and to give my appreciation for all the folks who keep coming back to read my thoughts. With yesterday's review we hit 975, and while I did have plans for a huge series to top off 1,000 October is nearly upon us and I'm looking forward to the festivities beyond horror reviews. So I hope you join me for the occasion and now I have to think about the possibilities of what comes after that. I'll see you tomorrow.

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