Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Joe Pera Talks With You: Season 1

I can't simply do this show justice with a simple overview, so let us begin.

I would like first to say BETRAYAL!!! BETRAYAL! BETRAYED ME!! How could you have done this Adult Swim, YOU ARE TEARING ME APART!!! 3 seasons, I know it couldn't have went on forever, nothing lasts that long but this is loathsome in my eyes. You made quite possibly the best television show I have seen in my life and it got the ax. I'm not letting it go, but we're moving on to my happy place. So, ahem, a show 9 episodes long and the majority of them are simply 11 minutes, the fact it got another season is pretty remarkable to begin with I have to say. And it's a premise I can't fully articulate or summarize cause the episodes are completely different to anything I've seen on television, both in subject matter and format. It's...Joe Pera Talks With You, about things like iron, fireworks, how to dance, breakfast, and autumn drives. Maybe not the most thrilling of topics, but it's how the show goes about it is when it's magnetic spell is cast upon you to where it becomes interesting and you can't wait for the next episode. It's easily the most laid back, unhurried, cozy, endearing, and yet super funny show ever. The directing style is so dirt simple you could almost mistake it for a early 2000s film project, normal panning shots, cross dissolves, music that sounds stock but ultimately is as charming and lovely as the show, it just can't be described. Just experience it. See the views and locations of Marquette, meet a few people, gain some knowledge and ask questions that nobody has before, it may not seem like much but when you take the time to sit and enjoy it the more you'll appreciate it, it's a lot like life. Simple joys and pleasures in inexplicable everyday situations, anyone can do it. The soothing nature of the show is unparalleled, not just on part of the writing but our host and humble narrator too, Joe has a very soft slow melody to his speech and the points he brings up are interesting and even existential at times, I'd almost call it a show for introverts or people who just like to think. I think the dedicated crew knew what they were going for in composition of the series, making the experience (and there simply is no other way to word it than that) one of calmness while still making me laugh to beat the band on numerous occasions. It's a kind of dull dry humor, and I can see many people not fully getting it but for me it worked wonders. It's kind of hard to discuss it, but I attribute that nature more on the grounds that I simply enjoy it and find myself at a loss for words when trying to paint a picture rather than it having nothing to say or do. I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't much acting involved from everybody, Gene is great to be around and has a voice that could melt butter and while his interactions with Joe are brief they are still highly enjoyable. Jo is well, wow, not to get off on tangents but I think she is supremely cute and brings a great deal of humor to the programme, and the relationship between her and Joe is a sweet and natural one culminating in an entirely different but nevertheless endearing romance from what you would normally see. I think my personal favorite episode is the fall drive, just the scenery alone wins it but the material for the episode is some food for thought and the humor just as spot on as ever. I don't know, what can I really say that I feel in my heart? It's a flawless piece of television, I always feel like I'm in a comfortable cozy spot when I watch an episode and not just on the account of my recliner and  warm blanket, it gives me newfound appreciation of life in all it's average facets and gets me thinking about the life I've lead but not the depressing kind. The kind where you're thankful and happy to reminisce. The music is just that right kind of music that I love best, very relaxing, not loud but has a different kind of energy, while still having moments of upbeat and happy music as well, and I don't think it would come as a surprise that I have several songs in my music library. It's just....nice, that's all I can say about it. You see so much apathy and sarcasm and negativity in life and the world, but here's a show that is lovely, honest, and wholesome. Yeah that's the word, wholesome, it's a wholesome show that deserves great love and attention in my estimation, because it simply gives that to the audience. I don't think I would have the heart to ask more from the show when it gives me more than enough as is. 4 gold stars, 20/10, and we're just getting started.

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