Friday, February 25, 2022

Studio 666

I'm not sure if I can give it a 10/10 but I want to.

When I first heard the Foo Fighters were making a horror comedy movie I was all onboard and knew it was going to be good. Turns out it was better. Yes a movie harboring so close on parody yet still giving the creepy visuals and hilarious dialogue done entirely by people who are musicians first and actors second worked a lot for me. So the story goes in producing their 10th album Dave and the band move into a swanky house that has some dark rock history behind it, as more weird and eerie stuff keeps happening leading to Dave being possesed and offing his band mates. Poor Dave, he just can't stop being a hellish demon, first Tenacious D now this, don't worry Dave we still love you. I am kind of waiting for that inevitable review stating this movie is satanic based on the title alone, as a kid who lived through the f***ing intellectual lows of people targeting the Harry Potter series I guarantee it will happen. Sure it deals with demons, occult stuff, pokes fun at the whole rock and roll is Satan's music, but I mean it is a comedy through and through. Two milestones have occured this day dear viewers, this is the first movie I have ever seen in a theater where I was completely alone, and this marks the over 900 review mark for this show. So it's a happy grand time, and I'm endlessly thrilled it was this movie. It's awesome, it's hilarious, it's hokey and offbeat, I kinda am stumped on a rating. I mean the story was good and moved along real good pace fluently, the performances had spot on comedic timing and I was laughing up a storm, the effects holy balls were over the top and yet designed spectacularly, it had good cinematography but nothing fancy, the music was pretty damn great too with particular love going to the title theme and the sort of doom metal/hard rock tune they are working on throughout the movie, I don't have much to complain about here. Spoofs are just as much a credible genre in cinema as a heavy drama or popcorn action flick, and considering it has one foot planted firmly in horror ground and the other in comedy it could easily be dismissed and not seen as "a real movie", to which I reply f***ity bye! 4 stars, 9.5/10!

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