Friday, February 4, 2022

Jackass Forever

I'm somehow even more stumped on how to review this.

You think after 3 movies I would know what the hell I'm talking about, but I'm speechless. Did it surpass the third? On first viewing yes, heavily. Now on repeated viewings through the years that might change, if they even can show this on TV. I haven't seen that much c*** in a feature film since Chicken Run, and yet nowhere nearly as inventive as I was seeing it here. So the final(?) Jackass movie, how was it considering it was the first one of these I ever saw in theaters? Honest to God, it was my favorite and made me laugh not only the most frequently but also the hardest out of all of them. But I wrote the reviews for the last 3 after seeing them multiple times, so seeing something new and unexpected has a stronger power over your perception. Staying true to the Jackass series, it pushes for more constructed segments without going so big and over the top which I'm happy didn't happen, they only do big segments for the opening and closing act which I feel is infinitely wise in showbusiness. We got some new faces to our crew, most notably Zach Holmes who I believe was only a recent introduction but fits in perfectly with the group, and Rachel Wolfson our first female inductee who isn't as prevalent as the guys but also isn't some token girl in the mix. She licks a friggin' taser like a champ, and got stung about 4 times by a scorpion, an admirable start to her Jackass career. I easily had the most fun watching this in a theater with while primarily a 20 something year old male audience, the reactions people gave had as much entertainment as the film, so I would strongly suggest seeing this in a full theater. Not many named segments so I'll just tell you the one that got me hardest (Easy now, you pervs.), where they strap Ehran to a chair and bring in a bear to eat honey and salmon off him. I don't know why but I laughed so hard I was wheezing and losing air, it just floored me. You can tell they had some fun hashing new ideas and evily clever ones at that, and they don't waffle on about, "We're old now LOL" and just carry on business as usual so thanks for that. Solid production with props and camerawork, good additions to the cast, very funny, I say we ended strong this week. I give it 3 stars, 7.5/10, and next new movie should be Death On The Nile so maybe I'll dig up some murder mystery movie next week.

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