Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Jackass Number Two

This is weird to say but Jackass is one of those movie series where the sequel is better than the first.

It goes to show how much the quality got a boost, it looks to be shot on a better camera, the stunts are more varied, it's a good strong production. I actually love a good few chunks of the segments, with rarely any of them falling flat for me, pun fully intended by the way. But boy does the pain from the first movie seem like a stubbed toe, I mean dayum! The impacts and pain is visceral, and bloody too sometimes so once again I have to show some respect for the cast going through so much hell strictly to entertain. I feel like Steve-O got the most punishment mainly because he's the one wild card down to do anything, and even I was surprised how many of the cast refused to do certain stunts. Granted I don't know how the name game goes for who does what, but even these guys have their limits. And this is just a sidebar but I kinda hate the public stunts and jokes not so much because of the performers, but I can't see comedy in people who don't give a shit and give zero reaction to some weird ass stuff on the side of the street. At least in the first movie, when they were in Japan people laughed, people kind of rolled with the joke in some situations, that's why I liked those segments so much. Am I just gonna be one grumpy old bastard and say get off your phone and pay attention, cause I could have sworn people sure as hell did before they were invented. Back in my day I wasn't a broken, bitter, old ass about people and now I'm all for everybody getting a pro footballer kick to the groin. I do however love seeing Bam's mom April, she is precious and a caring individual who puts up with these f***s, and never fails to make me laugh. Favorite segments, we got a list here: Bicentennial BMXing, Lake Jump, Riot Control Test which was horrifying, The Magic Trick with special guest magician John Waters (I love that man), The Gauntlet, Toro Totter, and Big Red Rocket which I feel should have been the finale. I mean that's a lot of segments, and each have their own way of entertaining to the point where despite the no doubt bigger budget, the third movie has a lot to surpass in terms of segments. So definite improvement, had more fun, and we got one more before the opening day. 3 stars, 7/10.

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