Thursday, February 3, 2022

Jackass 3

I'm not the person to bash a continuation but Jackass Forever will have a lot to live up to when the ending starts.

It's amazing how these movies kept getting made, cause after the show and the first movie all the cast and the creator Jeff Tremaine were done with Jackass. They got their big movie, it's over. But years passed and he asked Johnny if you want to do another and he was game, so every 4 years a new Jackass movie in theaters, and this easily is the one I've seen the most. MTV played the extended 3.5 version all the time, about as regularly as FX showed Batman Begins and Ice Age once upon a long time ago, so it may have a contributing factor as to why I like this one best. Though surprisingly, it doesn't have the number of segments I loved from the second movie, having only 5 I loved. Bungee Boogie, Jet Engine which might be my favorite solely because of the comedic extent they can make out of it, Electric Avenue which is so evily crafted it might as well be in a Saw movie, Snake River Redemption, and Ram Jam. And since I was only reviewing the theatrical cuts there no doubt was more bits and skits present in the extended versions, so if that sounds more your game then I say pick em' up. I will say it is night and day between the quality of the first movie and this movie, hell I could probably make the same case between 3 and 4. Proper good cameras, enough money to get even wilder at times, I like how they make it better each time without necessarily going bigger and bigger. They can do something as simple as have Knoxville get flung ass over tea kettle by a bull while still doing something elaborate like taking potshots at people launched into the air to simulate a duck hunt. Another point the 3.5 version has, you get a lot of behind the scenes interview type stuff with the guys and you do feel that yeah, they do really stupid and supremely hurtful things to each other but they're being idiot friends and they don't hold grudges. I think the big reason why they didn't make another Jackass movie for such a long time was the very tragic and sudden death of Ryan Dunn who was in a car accident just a few months after this movie was released, I can't fathom what it was like to those he was closest to and it is pretty rough seeing him now. Even when they did the spinoff movie Bad Grandpa they dedicated the film to Ryan, and in recent times it seems like the Jackasses are the entertainment we need after the last few years. There's always going to be problems with the world but if you can have a nice distraction, where misery is comedy and friends gather round, it can be a real nice thing. 3 stars, 7/10, one more time for old time's sake.

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