Monday, December 13, 2021

As Time Goes By: Series 7

Well this is it, final run.

Very much the series that focuses on relationships across the board this time. Sure the show focuses on it in some way, but the majority of the episodes here harp on what each of our respective main cast are doing in the love department. Not so much the hey hey but you know what I mean. Lionel and Jean are still happy and content, with a pretty big step for Lionel taking zero issue with Jean meeting a close guy friend from her past which let's face facts not many men would be at such ease. They act a bit more childish from time to time which is nothing but highlights material for me, that they can act so silly yet so lovely is rather hard to do in writing and acting without it coming off as gag me with a spoonful of diabeetus. Judy and Alistair slowly make their way round to a big commitment, Sandy is having nothing but trouble with her boyfriend Harold, Steven and Penny are on another one of their rows, yet strangely seem to be on good footing at the same time, we even get a brief glimpse into the bizzare relationship of the next door neighbors. Obviously some of it is for comedic effect, but it does take time to show the different kinds of loving relationships one can have over time. And hell the series ends on a pretty down note, a very subtle down note even. It still has it's humor but it's a bit of a rotten situation for our girls, and you never want to see that. But what I appreciate so much here about the writing is you don't get the sense the writers wanted anyone to actually hate Alistair or Harold, they don't turn into horrid, shallow, cunniving asses, I'd dare say Alistair is on top form better than ever here giving ample dedication to the family and still shining so bright as his own flashy self. I aspire to have his confidence in life, bless this man for all time. Lionel is a touch more grumpy this time around and I cherish it so, I couldn't possibly stop raving about this man if I tried, my king I shall be worthy to be like you. One day. Turns out though I was a bit wrong about the last series' finale, I somewhat figured we would see Jean and Lionel in Barbados but then I thought this is the BBC, they don't have that much money. It's a solid season that brings more comedy into it I think, has some fun, progresses the story and characters, and does make you wonder if everything will turn out well. So the rating is of course, a 7/10. Goodnight everybody! Nah, it's a 10. 4 stars, great times be had, is this wedding happening or not? Stop teasing me, let me have this! Let me have the love, you teasing cowards!

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