Wednesday, December 1, 2021

As Time Goes By: Series 2

I'm a happy camper.

It's true, this show puts me in such a happier mood than I was in before which probably means I shouldn't watch it on a mighty good day in fear of exploding into sunshine and rainbows. So we pick up not far where we left off as Lionel and Jean take further steps into their relationship, they spend more time together, Jean meets Lionel's dad Rocky, they spend a weekend at a cottage, and Jean helps quite a bit with Lionel's book. In fact that seems to be the main big thing that happens, he finishes his book and is a published author which I quite like, it's not all about the romance every second but just the lives of these two people in all their endeavors. We add two new reoccuring characters with Rocky and Penny, Jean's sister in-law. Rocky is quite the antithesis of Lionel, very upbeat, adventurous, lover of life, and pretty much everything a person should aspire to be when they reach their sunset years. He's beyond lovely. And in that same sense Penny is the opposite of Jean, absent minded, focuses way too much on other people's lives instead of her own, and can rattle on incessantly for hours at a time. We all know people like that, they're frequent in my family. But it's always good to have the cast branching out over the course of the show, and once more the actors do very nice work. The focus is without a doubt on Jean and Lionel, whereas the first series had all the main cast have equal moments but that's not a bad thing. Judy couldn't be more cheeky and reveling in the romance if she tried, Sandy is just as fun and smart as always, and Alistair keeps being Alistair but has full faith in Lionel and backs his work with his usual brand of over the top. That and this series has the honor of introducing a very common phrase into my lexicon, it's almost an inside joke with my mom and me, that becomes a running joke in and of itself in the show. Hey hey. Everytime I hear it it makes me burst out in laughter, because it means a very particular thing. Dirty, filthy, shameless things. Hey hey, which must always be said in a somewhat sultry voice, with a raised eyebrow, and a smirk. But good God do I grin like a dopey prat when Jean and Lionel have their moments together, I can only dream and aspire to have such a candid but enormously loving relationship with anybody. I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to this, leave me be. It's precious. Is this whole series going to be a 10/10? Cause I don't mean it to be but I'll be damned I can't say a bad thing about it. Bollocks, I'm positive in my reviews but I'm not that positive, for a pessimist I'm pretty optimistic about a lot of things. 4 stars, 10/10, I don't even care I can't argue it. You have full permission to check out for the coming 3 weeks of reviews for this series, cause it's just gonna be nothing but this. Pure concentrated positivity. I might need insulin shots before all this is over.

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