Friday, December 10, 2021

As Time Goes By: Series 6

God we are wrapping this up quick, it'll be a crying shame to see it end.

Back on the home front this series for the most part, we spend a fair good share of time with the girls this series. It really seems like Judy and Sandy have some more to give, Judy explores a new relationship, Sandy has quite a worrying experience with a stalker and has some issues with Jean's work, and they both help for the big surprise for Jean at the end of the series. The attention doesn't shift from Lionel and Jean but it's very appreciated to see them do more than usual. Heck Lionel is very much completely settled in the house and is content with not working much, and goes full on dad mode with the girls which shocker, I completely treasure with all of my soul and hope I can be even close to his persona in my life. But Jean couldn't be more overtaxed if possible, having a real dilemma if she should retire or not to the point she sees a therapist, she's very stressed this series and I don't like seeing her in such a state. They even have their first proper big argument as a couple, of course it's over something trivial but it gets sorted in the end. Not long after that Lionel is being more dedicated to surprising Jean, leading to the finale which I can't remember if it has much impact on series 7. It'll come back to me. Again, pretty solid season here and I know people are gonna have a hard time accepting the whole show is a 10/10, but I don't give that rating lightly and again I don't have anything to complain about. This is more of a getting the show more recognition than a proper review, I really can't fathom it dropping lower than a 9/10 in all honesty. It's something I've wanted to review since honestly before all this review show stuff started and any chance I get to spotlight something I love is top orders. See you next week for the final round.

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