Friday, December 3, 2021

As Time Goes By: Series 3

A lot of stuff happened this series.

It feels like now that we've had two solid seasons of setup they're picking up the pace and giving us more. Lionel and Jean have their first big row, Lionel moves in, Rocky gets married and we finally meet Madge, our lovely couple takes a holiday in Paris, Jean and Lionel start learning to live together, a new branch of Jean's business opens, and Lionel is in talks with America to make a mini-series. So life gets more busy for the both of them but it seems only logical this is the next step for them in a relationship. Lionel flat out asks if she would like to move in and it seems very real their first day living in together, being super polite and proper before they go back to being themselves. It's incredibly factual about couples in that respect, and it's just lovely seeing them be domestic now. I have no idea how the writers encapsulate so much of living with that particular special person, it doesn't center on just the lovey dovey romance but is very realistic and blunt with all it's aspects. I'm actually very surprised they made Rocky and Madge's wedding the second episode, you would almost think they would save it to the end to get that nudge about Jean and Lionel getting married, but I really don't mind. It's a lovely wedding and we finally get to meet Madge played by Joanna Sim who could not be more on the same level as Rocky in terms of personality, passion, and love. They know they might not have a lot of time left in this world but it doesn't stop them from fully devoting themselves to one another. It's quite genuinely the goal every couple should strive towards, always ready for the next adventure, always never leaving each other's side whether it be in a physical sense or emotional sense, showing love with such reckless abandon just because they make each other that happy. And the way the show potrays that is not in an unrealistic way, regardless of which couple it focuses on. It's natural and candid and never afraid to end with a less than happy ending each episode. Though as each episode passes the reality becomes more and more clear that I'm already mostly Lionel Hardcastle, give me a few years and you won't be able to tell the difference. But mind you, Alistair is a bit of alright too I mean he could not back Lionel and Jean's romance more, has faith in Lionel's writing capabilities, he even walks Madge down the aisle without hesitation or question, I could almost call him the biggest fan of love there is. Even Sandy gets her fair share of attention, seeing a smidge of her relationship, Jean wants to give her the second branch of her business, her love and loyalty to Jean is paramount, it's good stuff without question. It doesn't waste a single episode of it's 10 episode run, even if it is more fluff like Jean trying to avoid a visit from Penny doesn't ever seem like a waste or simply not needed because it's where the more comedic writing shines. Believe me, if there was such an episode that didn't contribute to the series I would tell immediately. But you can tell these writers want to make it as good as possible which thusly for me makes it great. One week down, two to go. You already know the rating.

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