Thursday, March 25, 2021

Anniversary Log: Year 6

It has just been brought to my attention that today marks the 6th year anniversary of my reviews. Holy balls of fire, it nearly swept under the radar for me. I was just gonna review Space Godzilla and call it a day, but today is a happy day and a nice occasion. It's funny I actually was thinking about just how far I've come earlier this week in fact. Really it's a miracle this has went on for so long. So much nonsense and shit has happened since the show's inception and I haven't the foggiest how I've kept it up. It's no shy statement when I say this website, this show, my lifestyle has changed forever because of just writing average, rambling, mostly positive but nonetheless informal reviews. I went on a tangent, like I always do, and flat out said I would be a richer man if I didn't start this show. I think that's crossed a lot of critic's minds, think of the absurd countless hours of watching movies and the uncalculable amounts of money spent on this little pet project. But frankly I don't care. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...foreign films off the coast of Japan, I watched Hollywood stars glitter in the golden age of cinema, all those moments will be here through time. Like, words in stone. Films I would never have gotten around to seeing if I didn't put it on a calendar and wrote about it. My words of passion and love for certain movies, actors, directors never heard. I have no misgivings about my position, I run this show from my living room couch with a phone in my hand, lolligagging about. And if my calculations are correct, we could hit 1,000 reviews before the 7th year. 1,000 reviews. Can you imagine? What would I even do after that?? It's grown so much, it feels bigger than me despite my crucial input for it. My writing has improved, my sensibilities and opinions have matured, doing this has made me feel better. It's just what I aspire to do and I think grand total I haven't even made a literal dime off it in all this time. It doesn't matter, I do it to do it. I'm gonna try to figure out something for the 800th review, I can't even begin to comprehend or thank anyone who has read even just one review, let alone all of them. I just speak my feelings and hope someone gets a good movie to watch every week. Entertainment from me is second, movie recommendations are first. There's so many talented, genuinely funny, great reviewers out there and I always try to give them some love. I spend so much of my down time watching reviews, it's just great stuff to listen to, to hear other opinions and to see someone's perspective. I disagree with stuff, like anyone, but like with the movies I have seen and talked about, the pros almost overwhelmingly outweigh the cons. And...if someone like me with no budget, a less than stable but still good life, and constant changes to my review schedule can do all of this, boy howdy the things you could do with your passions and careers. I'm still reeling from the reminder about everything, I seriously am just lost for words. But I can tell you I'll keep this up anyway I can for as long as I can, maybe until I die, maybe until I can't remember my own name, but into the forseeable future and for the rest of my life. And remember my friends, future events such as these will affect you in the future.

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