Friday, March 5, 2021

James May's Toy Stories

One more for the week.

This was a real blast to watch and a good throwback on top of it, the series was aired in 2009 and once again awfully short, 6 episodes each a little less than an hour. The concept of this show is unique to me, each episode covers a specific toy, some I've heard of and some I have not, as James May tries to achieve something grand and amazing with it. Like he uses Plasticine which is a bit like Play-Doh, to make a garden of flowers and trees. Or he makes an entire house, furniture and all, out of Lego. Sure I've seen shows that cover the history of toys, which this programme also does a bit of, but nothing on this scale. You get super invested in some episodes and all of them are worth watching, there's no skips to be found here. The production is spot on once more, obviously with a lot more help so James doesn't actually have to build a bridge out of Meccanno all by himself. It's a short sweet show, which I suppose can be said about all the programmes I've reviewed this week. It's mighty good stuff, each entertaining in their own right. I mean I got really swept up in the model train episode as he tried to break a world record, I wanted to see him succeed, and all over just these little trains. But that's the power of this show, you want to see this inventive and cool stuff work out. So that's why I fullheartedly say go for, give it a watch, you might enjoy it more than you think. I know there's specials here and there, but I wanted to focus solely on the only season. And good lord I just now realized we entered a new month, so what comes next? Hard to say with all the things going on in life and the world, but don't worry I'll have something good or bad to talk about. In the meantime, 4 stars, 8/10, have a good one everybody!

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